2-Pack, Remanufactured High Yield 301Xl Ink Cartridges For Hp Envy 4500, 5530, 4502, Deskjet 2540, 2050, Officejet 2620, 4630. Black And Colour.

2-Pack, remanufactured high yield 301XL ink cartridges for HP Envy 4500, 5530, 4502, DeskJet 2540, 2050, OfficeJet 2620, 4630. Black and colour.

301XL Ink Cartridges High Yield Remanufactured Review


Looking for high-quality ink cartridges for your HP printer? Look no further than the 301XL Ink Cartridges High Yield Remanufactured for HP 301 XL. This 2-pack includes a black and color cartridge, compatible with popular HP printer models such as Envy 4500, DeskJet 2050, and OfficeJet 2620. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a family in need of reliable printing supplies, these cartridges are sure to impress.

Table of Contents

Key Features

1. High Yield Remanufactured Ink

The 301XL cartridges offer high page yield, making them perfect for frequent printers. You can print more pages without worrying about running out of ink.

2. Compatibility

These cartridges are compatible with a wide range of HP printers, ensuring versatile use for different models.

3. Vivid Colors

The color cartridge provides vibrant and true-to-life colors for your photos and documents, enhancing print quality.

Pros and Cons


  • High page yield for cost-effective printing
  • Wide compatibility with HP printer models
  • Vivid colors for impressive print quality


  • May not offer the same print quality as original HP cartridges
  • Some users may experience compatibility issues

Buyer’s Guide

When choosing printer cartridges like the 301XL Ink Cartridges, consider factors such as page yield, compatibility with your printer model, and print quality. Look for remanufactured cartridges from reputable sellers to ensure reliable performance.


1. Are these cartridges compatible with my HP Envy 4500 printer?

Yes, the 301XL cartridges are compatible with HP Envy 4500 and many other HP printer models.

2. How many pages can I print with these cartridges?

The page yield of these cartridges varies depending on the type of printing you do, but they offer high yield for extended use.


The 301XL Ink Cartridges High Yield Remanufactured for HP 301 XL are a reliable choice for users seeking cost-effective printing solutions. With high page yield, wide compatibility, and vivid colors, these cartridges deliver on performance. While they may not match the print quality of original HP cartridges, they offer great value for money. I would rate these cartridges 4 stars out of 5 for their features, usability, and affordability.

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