2 Pcs Manual Astronaut Bookends With Handheld Paper Shredder For Home Office

2 Pcs Manual Astronaut Bookends with Handheld Paper Shredder for Home Office

EXCEART 2 Pcs Manual Shredder Astronaut Bookends Mini Shredder Handheld Shredder Mini Paper Shredder Criketcutter Machine Heavy Paper Shredder for Home Hand Paper Crusher Desktop Note Review


Are you looking for a compact and efficient shredder machine for home or office use? The EXCEART 2 Pcs Manual Shredder Astronaut Bookends Mini Shredder is a handy tool that can help you quickly shred paper, credit cards, and other sensitive documents. This mini paper shredder is perfect for tech enthusiasts and families who want to protect their personal information.

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Key Features

1. Portable and Compact Design

The EXCEART Manual Shredder is small in size, making it easy to move around and store in tight spaces. Its astronaut bookends design adds a touch of fun and style to your workspace.

2. Multi-Purpose Shredding

This handheld shredder can shred paper, credit cards, and other small items, making it versatile for various shredding needs. It is a convenient tool to have in any home or office.

3. Easy to Use

The mini paper shredder is user-friendly, with a simple hand-crank mechanism that allows you to shred documents without the need for electricity. It is an eco-friendly option that saves on energy consumption.

Pros and Cons


  • Compact and portable design
  • Multi-purpose shredding capabilities
  • Easy to use without electricity


  • May not be suitable for large volumes of shredding
  • Hand-crank mechanism may require more effort for thick paper

Buyer’s Guide

When choosing a shredder machine like the EXCEART Manual Shredder, consider factors such as the shredding capacity, shredding speed, and overall durability. Look for a machine that meets your specific shredding needs and fits within your budget.


1. Can this shredder handle staples and paper clips?

Yes, this shredder is designed to handle staples and paper clips along with paper and credit cards.

2. Is the shredder machine noisy during operation?

This manual shredder operates quietly, making it suitable for home use without causing disturbances.


The EXCEART 2 Pcs Manual Shredder Astronaut Bookends Mini Shredder is a convenient and stylish tool for shredding paper and other items at home or in the office. Its compact design and ease of use make it a popular choice among tech enthusiasts and families. While it may not be suitable for heavy-duty shredding, it is a practical and eco-friendly option for light shredding needs.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Recommendation: I recommend the EXCEART Manual Shredder for its portability, multi-purpose shredding capabilities, and user-friendly design.

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