Micro Firewall Appliance With Intel J6413, Hunsn Rj09, Aes-Ni, 6 X Intel 2.5Gbe I226-V Lan, Console, Hdmi, Dp, Sim Slot - Barebone Model, No Ram, Storage, System

Micro Firewall Appliance with Intel J6413, HUNSN RJ09, AES-NI, 6 x Intel 2.5GbE I226-V LAN, Console, HDMI, DP, SIM Slot – Barebone Model, NO RAM, Storage, System

Micro Firewall Appliance Review: The Ultimate Mini PC for Secure Networking


If you’re looking for a powerful yet compact solution to manage your network security and VPN needs, the Micro Firewall Appliance is the perfect choice. This Mini PC is equipped with Intel J6413 processor, HUNSN RJ09, AES-NI encryption, 6 x Intel 2.5GbE I226-V LAN ports, Console, HDMI, DP, and SIM Slot. It comes as a Barebone unit, allowing you to customize it with your preferred RAM, storage, and operating system.

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Key Features

1. Intel J6413 Processor

The Intel J6413 processor ensures smooth performance and efficient multitasking, making this Mini PC ideal for handling network security tasks.

2. AES-NI Encryption

The AES-NI encryption feature enhances data security, providing a robust defense against cyber threats and unauthorized access.

3. 6 x Intel 2.5GbE I226-V LAN Ports

With 6 high-speed LAN ports, this Mini PC offers seamless connectivity for multiple devices, allowing faster data transfer and efficient network management.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful Intel J6413 processor for smooth performance
  • Enhanced data security with AES-NI encryption
  • Multiple high-speed LAN ports for efficient network management


  • Requires additional RAM, storage, and system setup

Buyer’s Guide

When choosing a Mini PC like the Micro Firewall Appliance, consider factors such as processor performance, encryption capabilities, number of LAN ports, and customization options. Make sure to choose a unit that meets your specific networking needs and security requirements.


1. Can I upgrade the RAM and storage on the Micro Firewall Appliance?

Yes, the Barebone unit allows you to customize the Mini PC with your preferred RAM and storage options.

2. Is the Intel J6413 processor suitable for handling complex network security tasks?

Yes, the Intel J6413 processor offers powerful performance, making it well-suited for managing a variety of networking tasks.


The Micro Firewall Appliance is a top-of-the-line Mini PC that offers secure networking solutions with its Intel J6413 processor, AES-NI encryption, and 6 high-speed LAN ports. While it may require additional customization, its performance and security features make it a valuable investment for tech enthusiasts and families alike.

Final Rating: 4.5 stars

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