16 Pcs Noctilucent Thumb Grips Set, Compatible With Ps5, Ps4, And Ps3. Includes 8 Colors With Convex And Concave-Raised Dots &Amp; Studded Design.

16 Pcs Noctilucent Thumb Grips Set, Compatible with PS5, PS4, and PS3. Includes 8 colors with Convex and Concave-Raised Dots & Studded Design.


Product Review: 16 Pcs Thumb Grips – Noctilucent Sets for Ps5 & Ps4 Controllers

1. Introduction

As a gaming enthusiast who spends hours playing on my Ps5 & Ps4 controllers, I understand the importance of having a comfortable and reliable grip. That’s why I decided to try out the 16 Pcs Thumb Grips, which come in 8 vibrant colors and are compatible with various controllers including Ps3. These thumb grips feature a unique design with convex and concave-raised dots and studded patterns to enhance grip and control during gameplay.

2. Table of Contents

3. Key Features

  • Enhanced grip for better control during gameplay
  • Noctilucent design for added visibility in low-light environments
  • Compatible with Ps5, Ps4, and Ps3 controllers

The convex and concave-raised dots and studded patterns make these thumb grips stand out in terms of both style and functionality. The textured surface provides a secure grip, while the variety of colors allows for personalization.

4. Pros and Cons


  • Improved control and accuracy
  • Durable and easy to install
  • Noctilucent feature adds a cool aesthetic


  • May feel bulky for users with smaller hands
  • Limited color options

5. Buyer’s Guide

When choosing thumb grips for your Ps5 or Ps4 controller, consider factors such as compatibility, design, and comfort. Look for grips that are easy to install and provide a secure fit to ensure maximum control during gameplay. Additionally, opt for designs that suit your preferences and playing style.

6. FAQs

Q: Are these thumb grips compatible with Ps5 controllers?

A: Yes, these thumb grips are designed to be compatible with Ps5, Ps4, and Ps3 controllers.

Q: Do the noctilucent features require charging?

A: No, the noctilucent design does not require charging and will glow in the dark after being exposed to light.

7. Summary

The 16 Pcs Thumb Grips offer a stylish and functional solution for enhancing grip and control on Ps5 & Ps4 controllers. With their unique design and compatibility with multiple controllers, these thumb grips are a great addition for both tech enthusiasts and families looking to elevate their gaming experience. I would rate this product 4 stars for its features, usability, and value for money.

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