Canon Cli-581Xxl Cmyk Ink Pack 1998C005

Canon CLI-581XXL CMYK Ink Pack 1998C005

Canon Cli-581Xxl Cmyk Ink Pack 1998C005Canon Cli-581Xxl Cmyk Ink Pack 1998C005Canon Cli-581Xxl Cmyk Ink Pack 1998C005Canon Cli-581Xxl Cmyk Ink Pack 1998C005

I highly recommend the Canon PGI-580 / CLI-581 Single Inks for your printing needs. These single cartridges or multipacks offer efficiency, consistency, superior print quality, ChromaLife 100+ system, and compatibility with a range of Canon Pixma series printers.

First, let’s talk about efficiency and consistency. Genuine Canon PIXMA ink cartridges provide consistent print quality and if a color runs out, you only need to replace one tank, which ultimately lowers printing costs. This means that you do not have to worry about replacing an entire set of ink when only one color is empty, saving you both money and time.

Now, let’s discuss the superior print quality. Canon single inks bring out every detail in your images, giving you quality prints full of vibrant color, tone, and texture with no strange lines or streaks. This ensures that your documents and images turn out exactly as you intended, with rich colors and sharp details.

The inclusion of the ChromaLife 100+ system is also a major advantage. The system provides contrast and sharpness in long-lasting document and photo prints, so you can trust that your prints will maintain their quality and vibrancy over time.

In addition to the above benefits, Canon also offers access to Canon Creative Park Resource Hub, where you can have fun creating cards, scrapbooks, and paper art. You can access a wide range of colorful paper crafts and unleash your creativity using these inks.

When it comes to compatible printers, Canon PGI-580 / CLI-581 Single Ink Cartridges are compatible with many Pixma series printers. For a full list of compatible printers, it’s best to check the Canon website. However, these cartridges are only compatible with the UK models of printers, so keep that in mind when making your purchase.

In terms of capacity, the cartridges hold 11.7ml x 4 of ink, providing extra high yield and the ChromaLife100 long-lasting ink. These ink cartridges produce crisp text and rich depth of color, while being compatible with Canon Pixma TS8152, TS9155, TS6150, TS8150, TS9150, TR8550, TS8151, TR7550, and TS6151 printers.

Overall, the Canon PGI-580 / CLI-581 Single Inks offer exceptional value and quality for all types of printing needs. Whether you’re printing text documents, high-quality photos, or paper art, these inks deliver consistent, high-quality results. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for reliable and efficient ink cartridges for their Canon printers.

Price: £70.02
(as of Jan 21, 2024 01:27:23 UTC – Details)

Canon Cli-581Xxl Cmyk Ink Pack 1998C005

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