Hernido Portable Cd Player With Bluetooth, Fm Radio, Remote Control, Rechargeable Battery, 2 Stereo Speakers, Aux/Usb Playback, Headphone Jack (Black)

Hernido Portable CD Player with Bluetooth, FM Radio, Remote Control, Rechargeable Battery, 2 Stereo Speakers, AUX/USB Playback, Headphone Jack (Black)


My Review of the Hernido Portable CD Player


If you’re looking for a versatile and portable audio solution, the Hernido Portable CD Player is a fantastic option. This Bluetooth CD Boombox not only plays CDs but also features FM radio, remote control, rechargeable battery, and 2 stereo sound speakers. It also includes AUX-in, USB playback, and a headphone jack for added convenience. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a family looking for a reliable music player, this product has something for everyone.

Table of Contents:

  1. Key Features
  2. Pros and Cons
  3. Buyer’s Guide
  4. FAQs
  5. Summary

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: With Bluetooth capability, you can easily connect your smartphone or other devices to stream music wirelessly.
  • FM Radio: Enjoy listening to your favorite radio stations with the built-in FM radio feature.
  • Remote Control: The included remote control allows you to adjust settings and control playback from a distance.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The built-in rechargeable battery ensures you can enjoy music on the go without the need for constant power sources.
  • Stereo Sound Speakers: The 2 stereo sound speakers provide rich, high-quality sound for a great listening experience.

Pros and Cons:


  • Compact and portable design
  • Multiple playback options
  • Clear and crisp sound quality
  • Easy to use and set up


  • May have limited volume range for some users
  • Bluetooth connection may have occasional drops

Buyer’s Guide:

When choosing a CD player like the Hernido Portable CD Player, consider factors such as size, weight, battery life, sound quality, and connectivity options. Make sure to check for compatibility with your existing devices and look for additional features that suit your needs, like FM radio or USB playback.


Q: Can I use headphones with the Hernido Portable CD Player?

A: Yes, this CD player has a headphone jack for private listening.

Q: How long does the battery last on a single charge?

A: The rechargeable battery can last up to [5 hours] on a single charge.


The Hernido Portable CD Player is a versatile and feature-packed audio device that caters to both tech enthusiasts and families. With its Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio, remote control, and stereo sound speakers, it offers a comprehensive listening experience. While it may have some minor drawbacks like limited volume range, the overall convenience and performance of this CD player make it a worthwhile investment. I would give it a [4.5/5] rating for its excellent features, usability, and value for money.

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