Razer Blackwidow V3 - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard With Green Switches, Doubleshot Abs Keycaps, Digital Roller, Media Key, Wrist Rest | Roblox Ed.

Razer BlackWidow V3 – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Green Switches, Doubleshot ABS Keycaps, Digital Roller, Media Key, Wrist Rest | Roblox Ed.


Razer BlackWidow V3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

As a tech enthusiast and Roblox player, I was excited to try out the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This keyboard is specifically designed for gamers who are looking for a high-performance, customizable, and durable keyboard to enhance their gaming experience.

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Key Features

1. Clicky Green Switches – The Razer BlackWidow V3 features clicky green switches that provide a tactile bump and audible click, making each keystroke satisfying and responsive.

2. Doubleshot ABS Keycaps – The keycaps are made from high-quality ABS material, ensuring durability and longevity even after hours of intense gaming sessions.

3. Multi-Function Digital Roller and Media Key – The keyboard comes with a digital roller that allows for easy volume control and a media key to quickly play, pause, or skip songs while gaming.

4. Wrist Rest – The included wrist rest provides ergonomic support during long gaming sessions, reducing strain on the wrists and improving overall comfort.

Pros and Cons


  • Customizable RGB lighting with Razer Chroma integration
  • High-quality construction for long-lasting durability
  • Detachable wrist rest for added comfort
  • Responsive clicky switches for a satisfying typing experience


  • May be too loud for some users in quiet environments
  • Higher price point compared to other mechanical keyboards

Buyer’s Guide

When choosing a gaming keyboard like the Razer BlackWidow V3, consider factors such as switch type, keycap material, additional features like RGB lighting, and ergonomic design for comfort during long gaming sessions. It’s also important to determine your budget and prioritize features based on your gaming preferences.


Q: Are the keycaps on the Razer BlackWidow V3 removable?

A: Yes, the keycaps are removable and can be replaced if needed.

Q: Does the keyboard require additional software for customization?

A: Yes, the Razer Synapse software allows for customization of lighting effects, macros, and key assignments.

Q: Is the Razer BlackWidow V3 compatible with Mac computers?

A: Yes, the keyboard is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.


The Razer BlackWidow V3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a top-notch choice for gamers looking for a high-performance and customizable keyboard. With clicky green switches, durable keycaps, and convenient features like a digital roller and media key, this keyboard offers a premium gaming experience. Despite a few drawbacks, the overall quality and functionality of the keyboard make it a worthwhile investment for serious gamers.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

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