Trixes Pack Of 2 Usb Controllers For Snes Emulators - Retro Gaming Joypads For Gaming Pc, Computer, Laptop, Raspberry Pi

TRIXES Pack of 2 USB Controllers for SNES Emulators – Retro Gaming Joypads for Gaming PC, Computer, Laptop, Raspberry Pi


TRIXES Pack of 2 Wired USB Controllers Review

TRIXES Pack of 2 Wired USB Controllers Review


Today, I will be reviewing the TRIXES Pack of 2 Wired USB Controllers. These controllers are designed for retro gaming enthusiasts who want to relive the nostalgia of classic games on SNES emulators. They are compatible with Gaming PCs, Computers, Laptops, and even Raspberry Pi, making them versatile for various gaming setups.

Table of Contents

Key Features

1. Compatibility: These controllers are compatible with SNES emulators and a wide range of devices including Gaming PCs, Computers, Laptops, and Raspberry Pi.

2. Retro Design: The controllers feature a classic retro gaming design that will appeal to fans of the SNES era.

3. Plug and Play: Simply plug the controllers into your device’s USB port and start gaming without the need for additional drivers.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Responsive buttons for an authentic gaming experience
  • Great value for a pack of 2 controllers


  • Wired connection may limit movement during gameplay
  • Not compatible with all gaming platforms

Buyer’s Guide

When choosing a controller for PC gaming, be sure to consider the compatibility with your gaming setup, the ease of use, and the overall durability of the controller. Look for controllers that offer a responsive button layout and comfortable grip for long gaming sessions.


1. Are these controllers compatible with Mac computers?

Unfortunately, these controllers are not compatible with Mac computers as they are designed for Windows-based systems.

2. Can I use these controllers with my Android phone?

Yes, these controllers can be used with Android devices that support USB OTG functionality.

3. Do these controllers have vibration feedback?

No, these controllers do not have vibration feedback features.


The TRIXES Pack of 2 Wired USB Controllers are a great choice for retro gaming enthusiasts looking to enhance their gaming experience. With their classic design, easy setup, and responsive buttons, these controllers offer a fun and nostalgic way to play SNES emulated games on various devices. I would give these controllers a rating of 4 stars for their features, usability, and overall value for money.

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